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M A R T I N   O W T O N
Fantasy and Science Fiction writer

I am Martin Owton, I write fantasy and science fiction stories and novels. I am a member of the London-based T-Party writers' group , and am represented by Ian Drury of Sheil Land Associates

My first completed novel is a secondary world adventure fantasy called 'The Exile of Darien'. It is available from the Phantasia imprint of Ticketyboo Press since April 2016. The sequel, 'Return to Nandor', published in 2017, is also available from Phantasia.

Return to Nandor
Less than a year ago, Aron of Darien risked his life to deliver Nandor from its enemies. Now a new peril threatens; Lady Celaine is abducted and the bonds of friendship and honour demand Aron returns once again serve the Earl of Nandor. The road to rescue leads them to the infamous city of Keshan and, beyond to a war zone where they face a barbarian horde. For Aron the stakes are higher than ever as he faces demons and traitors and a decision that will change his life.

You can watch me reading the first chapter of 'Exile' here:

and see a short interview with me here:

Here is an interview I recently did with Jonathan Hines on UK Talk Radio:

For another flavour of my writing, a short story featuring the central character of 'Exile' is here.

My modern fantasy/crime novel, 'Shadows of Faerie', set in Southampton and the New Forest where I grew up, is due for publication very soon.

For my latest news, read my Wordpress blog or visit my discussion forum.
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